“This [Mindful Self-Compassion] course has been a gift that keeps on giving. The best moment to sum this up was my 15 year old turning to me in the car this week and saying, ‘Mom, you seem realllllly different. What’s up?’ Best gift ever. He noticed I am calmer and is almost curious about trying some ‘mindfulness’ himself. These concepts really resonated for me: that I am not my feelings or thoughts (who knew??!! it has been a full-body revelation); and that there’s always spaciousness inside, enough space to choose how to go forward. Many thanks for your teaching.”

—Miriam, Student at University of Washington MSC Course

blair carleton mindful self compassion teacher speaker private coach to love yourself more and set yourself free“I love working with Blair because she embodies what she is teaching, and tells great stories along the way to illustrate what we are learning. She mixes in poetry, and other writing… and I can feel myself changing and growing in each moment. Instead of avoiding, or trying to control hard moments the way I used to, I can face my difficult situations with more balance and equanimity and gentleness…as soon as I shine that gentle light on them, they start to transform.”

– Mindful Self-Compassion Coaching Client

“I just wanted you to know how much you have helped me in just a few sessions. I am calmer and can stop myself before I spiral into depression and beating myself up. You are so positive, and a great role model. I really appreciate your skills and transferring some of that knowledge to me. It has been life-changing.”

– Fred, age 60, Mindful Self-Compassion Coaching Client

Blair has helped me understand what I am feeling and how to control my emotions. I feel happy and relaxed after a session with her. She is very understanding and she really understands me. Blair has shown me how to comfort myself when I’m having a hard time. She has also showed me how to mediate, it helps me relax and focus on my breathing.

– Francine, age 11, Mindfulness Private Coaching Client

blair carleton mindful self compassion teacher speaker private coach to love yourself more and set yourself freeLooking back on all the little details in life that add up to get me to where I stand today, Blair was a huge catalyst in how I view the world. A woman of class who treated all women and men as her equal. I saw her bring people of all walks of life into her home and serve them. She created authentic relationships with people, always sincerely listening when spoken to.She has had such a grand impact on my life in so many ways. I remember she gave me a book called Three Cups of Tea that altered my path forever, one of courageous, extraordinary happenings and a strength to last a lifetime. I love this woman for the rest of my life and any soul that crosses her path shall be so blessed.”

– Xan, Recovery Coaching Client

“MSC continues to be a core part of my life– it is becoming part of who I am. I can’t thank you enough for giving me this gift.”

—Sarah, Student at University of Washington MSC Course

Thank you for teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it opened my eyes to new ways of viewing the world and myself. I have continued the practices I learned in the class, and I have committed to a daily routine of reflection and mindfulness – so far, so good! Mindfulness continues to be a discussion topic at our dinner table. Thanks again for providing the opportunity to learn and grow; your teaching style was a perfect fit for me.

–Linda R., Mindful Self-Compassion Student

mindfulness classes for teens with anxiety and depression in seattle with blair carleton

“Blair, I want to tell you that I believe you truly have a gift. As someone who has had heaps and heaps of therapy, in our two sessions together I really felt validated and freed of some weight I have been carrying around. More importantly the tools that you propose make sense and I am going to use them.”

– Kristin, Mindful Self-Compassion Client

Thank you, Blair… you are simply radiant and amazing and a total gift. You helped put some wind in my sails more than you know, and I’ll carve out the time for this work of my soul, since it is where all comes from.

– Anne, Mindful Self-Compassion Client

“A year later, and I am still applying the things I learned. And with each day, my default mode becomes less and less to my harsh internal Inner Critic, and more and more to my Self Compassionate voice… and my entire world changes… I have found my Inner Strength. I can approach my past, my present and my future and know I’ll survive, and even thrive.”

– Mindful Self-Compassion Student

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